The quality of the track lights, take you to know the track lights

The quality of the track lights, take you to know the track lights

The advantages and disadvantages of magnetic track lights allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of magnetic track lights. Now, more and more people use magnetic lights. The reasons for its popularity are roughly as follows.

The design has a strong sense of design (whether it is the black titanium wire embedded in the ceiling two years ago, or the popularity of magnetic suction lamps today, the designer’s creativity has played an important role), beautiful and simple. Crowds, especially young people, are flexible to adapt to modern cities (the type and number of lights can be adjusted at any time according to actual needs, which is very flexible).

The simple and atmospheric lines, practicality and fashion are combined, which makes the design of the home instantly full.

track lights1.the principle of track lights


A traditional track light is generally composed of a track, a power supply box, and a lamp body. The power supply box and the track are slidably connected to facilitate position adjustment, and the lamp body and the power supply box are pivotally connected to realize the adjustment of the lighting angle. Modern track lights have improved the shortcomings of traditional track lights, which are difficult to disassemble and maintain. They have designed a magnetic connection structure. Magnets are attached to the power box and iron plates are attached to the corresponding guide rails to attract magnets.


Magnetic attraction technology can attract the light assembly to the track. The lamp is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can be fixed by inserting it at any time. At the same time, since the track is powered by low voltage, the whole circuit will be very simple and compact, which is very suitable for use in home decoration design.


2. Types of track lights

Track lights are modular lighting systems that can be combined and installed. They are generally divided into four modules: floodlight module, grille template, spotlight module, and chandelier module.


Track lights can be used not only for accent lighting to highlight architectural elements, but also for basic lighting and ambience.


3, the advantages of track lights


In addition to the advantages of appearance, the advantages of track lights also include:


1. Easy to install. Modular components, any combination of adsorption is completed for installation.


2. Can be equipped with different lamps. The track light adopts a modular concept, and there are many light source modules suitable for track lights, including downlights, spotlights, grid lights, floodlights, chandelier lines, etc.


3. The number of lamps can be increased or decreased freely. There is no limit to the number of track mounted luminaires.


4. It can move freely and adjust the angle freely. On the magnetic track, the light source can move freely, the light can be arranged arbitrarily, and the angle can be freely adjusted as needed.


5. Easy maintenance. When disassembling for maintenance, simply power off and remove the light from the magnetic cart for later redesign and replacement.

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