Magnetic track lights – the best choice for multi-scene applications

Magnetic track lights – the best choice for multi-scene applications

Magnetic track lights are mainly used in exhibition halls, hotels, homes, clubs, shops and other ceiling and wall scenes. The types of magnetic lights are also relatively wide. Downlights, spotlights, and linear lights can be installed on the track. At the same time play the lighting and decoration effect of lamps.

Magnetic track lightsThe soul of the magnetic track light is not the lamp, but the magnetic attraction. As the name implies, the lamp components are attached to the track by magnetic attraction. Under the condition of reliable power connection, it is more convenient and flexible to install and disassemble the lamp components, which is convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance. Through the magnetic attraction technology, the lamp components can be attached to the track. The lamp is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it can be fixed by inserting it at any time. The strongest adsorption force of the track is 5 times the weight of the lamp body, which is not easy to fall off due to strong adsorption, and is equipped with a safety buckle, which can ensure the stability of the lamp in a fixed position even if there is an emergency situation of degaussing.

In the current popular minimalist home decoration style, the design without main lights creates a more concise and clean space effect. The principle of focal lighting, highlighting the key parts of space lighting, has the magic of guiding vision. The design of the light strip not only enriches the expression and beauty of the space, but also creates a visual effect of light and dark layers and contrast between the virtual and the real for the space.


1.the application of Magnetic track lights


Magnetic track light is a light installed on a matching track. The track light can slide on the track to adjust the irradiation position, and can rotate to adjust the irradiation angle. Track lights are generally used for commercial use, such as offices, clothing stores, star-rated hotels, cultural relics exhibition halls, professional windows, counters and other places that require decorative effects and accent lighting.


The magnetic lighting combination can be equipped with various components with rich specifications and parameters as required. It has the advantages of small size, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible combination and movement, etc. There are various systems of surface installation, embedded installation and hoisting installation. , accent lighting, wall washing and other DIY methods of light demand, is the best choice for designers to outline the space lines.


The Smart series is plug-and-play, not only can move the light source at will, but also can increase the light source according to actual needs, and there is no risk of direct contact after power-on. It can be called a good lamp with both convenience and safety. Subtracting design and subtracting life is nothing more than that.


The combination of magnetic track lights is flexible and very practical.


2. The best choice for multi-scenario applications


The popularity of magnetic track lights is also due to its strong applicability. A magnetic track can support different types of lighting modules, and the application scenarios are more extensive.

The track adopts the form of pre-embedding. The lighting module does not need tools to be installed in the later stage, and the magnetic suction structure is embedded. When the pattern of indoor furniture and soft decoration accessories changes, the lighting module can be moved and replaced at any time, which is very convenient for the second lighting. Design creation, achieve the best lighting effect, easy to operate.

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