Infinite creative freedom

Even the broadest product range sometimes fails to meet the specific requirements of a project. We work with you to develop custom lighting solutions to meet the specific architectural and aesthetic needs of your project. Depending on order volume, we can make small adjustments to existing SUNME products or even develop completely new innovative products.


New developments

We work with you to develop new products to meet your custom requirements. From a certain project size, you can count on our support. Our team of experts will help you realize your concept from initial design to commissioning.


Does your project have special color requirements? Is the size or radius of our standard profile portfolio insufficient for your project needs? Do you need a special controller or control assembly for custom lighting control? Our high degree of vertical integration allows standard products to be easily and flexibly adapted.

Let's customize

We know that despite our broad product portfolio, some projects have even more stringent requirements. That's why we want to work with you to realize your client's wishes, no matter how unusual. Please contact us.


Different colors customization

Color has a decisive influence on the effect of rooms and architecture. Their task is to complement and complete the architectural vision. That's why we offer vibrant color options to provide the highest possible creative freedom to suit your design.

SUNME's most popular product lines include understated classic colors, strong pops of color, and special jewel tones of gold and bronze.

Different optical solutions

According to the lighting design requirements, different luminous angles, luminous shapes and anti-glare effects can be customized, such as different reflector, lenses, filters or honeycomb louver accessories.

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Different electrical parameters customized

Different dimming and color control schemes can be customized according to the usage requirements. At the same time, in order to meet the energy saving and environmental protection ERP requirements, high light efficiency schemes can be customized, such as the whole lamp is above 145lm/W. Different dimming and color control schemes can be customized with DTW&TW , the driving scheme can choose SCR, 0/1-10V, DALI, CASAMBI, etc.