[2024 Updated] Top 10 Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

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As a business owner, you must understand the importance of cost investment. Commercial lighting is the best choice for any business and can greatly save business costs.

When it comes to lighting, no investment is smarter than LED lights. LED lights are more efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly than traditional bulb lighting.

They are the best choice for any business and greatly save business costs.

But there are so many brands of LED lights on the market, so how can a business choose the right one for itself?

To help you make a better choice, we have evaluated the top ten LED light brands.

Next, let’s take a look at the top ten brands of LED lights on the market today.


Philips is an iconic brand in LED lighting, renowned for its exceptional quality and innovative solutions. With over a century of history, Philips has consistently led the way in cutting-edge technology.

From advanced LED products to world-class smart lighting systems, Philips is a trusted industry leader. Whether you need energy-efficient bulbs or sophisticated dimming solutions, Philips has the perfect lighting solution for you.

With a focus on superior design and performance, it’s no surprise that Philips is one of the most popular LED lighting brands on the market.

Country and City: Eindhoven, Netherlands

Key Product: LED lamps, LED tubes

Company Image:philips led lighting


Fatory Image:

Phillips Building Mexico 1400 1000x500 1


Product Image:

PHL Greenspace Flex BSP



If you are looking for a reliable LED lighting brand, then Philips is a good choice. The company stands out for its innovative lighting solutions and superior design. Businesses trust this brand because they know the company is committed to quality and always stays ahead in technology.

Sunme Lighting

Sunme Lighting  With a team of quality-driven engineers, R&D specialists and salesperson, Sunme Lighting is committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying reliable commercial lighting products, supported by excellent customer service and bespoke solution, taking into account customer demand, budget and the environment.

Sunme Lighting offers a full range of sustainable commercial lighting products and bespoke solutions for a large variety of applications such as retail/chain shops, restaurants and shopping malls, hotels and resort, office buildings, residences and condominium, museum and gallery.

We offer a variety of LED commercial lighting luminaires and accessories, from LED Track SpotlightsLED Down Lights, LED Grid Lights, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Linear Fixtures. Each of them has their own unique proposition and features designed around specific applications.

Country and City: Guangdong, China

Key Product: LED Track SpotlightsLED Down Lights, LED Grid Lights, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Linear Fixtures.

Company Image:sunmelighting company image

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sunmelighting factory

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If you are looking for a reliable LED lighting brand, then Sunme is a good choice. The company stands out for its innovative lighting solutions and superior design. Businesses trust this brand because they know the company is committed to quality and always stays ahead in technology.


Cree has become immensely popular for their energy-efficient LED lights, though many people are unaware of their origins as an audio component brand in the late 1980s. After a few successful years, they pivoted to focus on producing brighter and higher-quality LEDs.

Today, Cree is a widely recognized name in the industry, known for offering some of the best LED chips and components on the market. Their products are renowned for their high performance and reliability, providing excellent technology and unique solutions for applications requiring significant power or general lighting.

For the past thirty years, Cree has been at the forefront of LED technology, developing products used in general lighting and large video displays.

Country and City: Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Key Product: LED downlight, LED spot lights

Company Image:

cree led

Factory Image:

cree led1 e1719281692521

Product Image:

cree downlight


Searching for LED lights that guarantee reliability, top-notch performance, and exceptional energy efficiency? Look to Cree, a brand that has cemented its reputation with over three decades of experience in the field. They pride themselves on being both innovative and reliable, offering quality products tailored to specific applications with unique solutions.

GE Lighting

GE Lighting is one of the leading LED light brands. Their product range is impressive, ranging from regular light bulbs to high-end designer lighting fixtures. GE Lighting has perfected the art of manufacturing quality lamps that not only provide you with excellent lighting but also add beauty to your home or office space.

GE is committed to bringing innovation and efficiency to their lighting products. They are constantly experimenting with new and advanced LED technologies to make their products more efficient and environmentally friendly.

GE brand statement is “Making Beautiful Things Happen” and they strive to ensure that all their customers get the best experience from their product range. With GE, you can expect to get perfect lighting in your home, office, or retail space. Moreover, their lighting products are designed to last for years.

Country and City: East Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Key Product: LED downlight, LED spot lights, LED office light

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Factory Image:


Product Image:



If you’re looking for a brand of LED lights that offers exceptional quality, reliability, and performance, then GE Lighting is definitely a brand worth a look. Their product range is extensive, with options to suit every need and budget. Plus, their commitment to innovation keeps them at the forefront of modern lighting technology.


Litetronics, a trailblazing brand in LED lighting, has revolutionized the industry with its innovative solutions. Since its inception in 1970, this trusted brand has been delivering reliable and cost-effective lighting options for over half a century.

With an extensive background spanning multiple decades, Litetronics has honed its craft in creating energy-efficient LED bulbs that deliver unparalleled brightness. Their commitment to quality is evident in every product, while their dedication to staying ahead of the curve ensures a diverse range of unique color temperatures and light output options, perfect for any environment.

The extensive range of Litetronics products is designed with a dual purpose: to illuminate spaces and to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. Whether you’re looking for a bulb for your home or business, you can find a cost-effective solution that meets your needs with Litetronics.

Country and City: Bedford Park, Illinois, USA

Key Product: LED high bays, LED retrofits

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Factory Image:

industrial lighting pillar hero

Product Image:

SFS4 Strip Fixture Below Angled 1024x685 1


Litetronics is a trusted brand for anyone looking for energy-efficient and wireless lighting solutions. For over 50 years, they have been providing reliable and sustainable LED bulbs at affordable prices – perfect for any environment! Not only do their products provide maximum brightness and unique color temperatures, but they also help save on energy costs and reduce harm to the environment.

Feit Electric

Since 1978, Feit Electric has been a leading brand in the world of LED lighting, consistently brightening homes and enriching lives. Whether it’s energy-saving bulbs for the cozy living room or elegant outdoor fixtures for the patio, Feit Electric caters to all your lighting requirements with precision.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of quality and innovation, Feit Electric continues to deliver sustainable and user-friendly lighting solutions. Moreover, their diverse range of stylish hues and contemporary designs adds a unique elegance to any space. Whether you’re in search of a basic LED bulb replacement or a comprehensive lighting setup, Feit Electric offers something to suit every need and preference.

Country and City: Los Angeles, California

Key Product: LED floodlights, LED panel lights

Company Image:

Factory Image:
IMG 5820 2560x1225 1
Product Image:
duncan sanchez xifK5zht0lU unsplash 2
When it comes to top-notch LED lighting, Feit Electric stands out as a reliable choice. With over four decades of experience since 1978, they remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge, energy-saving solutions. Their extensive range of stylish light bulbs ensures you’ll find the perfect fit for your requirements. Moreover, the elegant designs add a touch of class and sophistication to any interior or exterior space.


MaxLite has been a forerunner in the LED lighting industry for numerous years, renowned for its pioneering designs. It’s evident why an increasing number of individuals are transitioning from traditional lighting to MaxLite’s energy-efficient, long-lasting, and fashionable offerings.

Since 1993, MaxLite has been supplying energy-saving lighting products, such as LED High Bay Lights, to commercial, residential, and OEM markets. They were pioneers in the transition from traditional bulbs to LED technology. Today, they boast a vast range of high-quality, certified indoor and outdoor LED lamps and fixtures.

By choosing MaxLite’s products, you can reap the benefits of reduced energy bills and enjoy the assurance of a brand synonymous with reliability and durability.

Country and City: West Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Key Product: LED panel lights, LED downlights

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Factory Image:
Product Image:
MaxLite is a go-to brand for anyone seeking dependable and top-notch LED lighting solutions. Their energy-efficient and stylish offerings guarantee reduced energy bills while also ensuring a sense of tranquility. Additionally, their products are backed by the brand’s renowned reputation for lasting durability and trustworthiness.


Satco is a company you can confidently rely on to meet your every LED lighting requirement. Their extensive range of products spans bulbs, decorative lighting, task lighting, and various components, making them a standout in the industry for their innovation.

Satco’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction drives them to maintain a robust capacity for fulfilling orders. Furthermore, they prioritize ensuring their pricing remains competitive in the market. These two key factors, along with their robust business practices, are the backbone of Satco’s operations.

As a brand that offers LED lights of exceptional quality at unparalleled prices, Satco guarantees to have a solution for every lighting need.

Country and City: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Key Product: LED globe light, LED bulbs

Company Image:satco

Factory Image:

video still 1000x488 1

Product Image:



If you’re seeking impeccable lighting solutions, Satco is your ultimate destination. This trustworthy brand caters to all your LED requirements, offering a vast array of products at competitive prices. With their unwavering commitment to customer service, you’re guaranteed to be delighted with your experience. So, don’t delay and explore Satco’s offerings today!


TCP, a leading brand in LED lighting, prides itself on durability and quality that last. With over two decades of expertise in the industry, TCP recognizes the critical role lighting plays in homes and commercial spaces. To ensure reliability for years to come, they utilize only the finest materials and components.

TCP’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years due to its energy efficiency, minimal heat output, and cost-effectiveness. Their extensive range caters to all needs and budgets, from low-consumption bulbs to high-performance lamps.

Whether you want to add a cozy glow to your bedroom or illuminate an entire office, TCP LED lights are the ideal choice. Most importantly, they are backed by a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing a lasting investment.

Country and City: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Key Product: LED globe light, LED bulbs

Company Image:

TCP Lighting

Factory Image:

company hero

Product Image:

led par38 new rgb 300


Searching for a dependable LED lighting brand? TCP is your answer. Backed by over two decades of industry experience, they excel in crafting long-lasting, high-quality products. Their diverse range caters to every budget, and their lifetime warranty guarantees your investment will pay off.


Envirolux, a premiere LED lighting brand, strives to deliver exceptional products that not only slash energy bills but also safeguard our environment. Catering to a diverse range of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial settings, Envirolux offers something for everyone seeking to economize on lighting while contributing to a greener planet.

Boasting a robust design that ensures long-lasting durability and superior illumination, Envirolux is the preferred choice for those who demand uncompromising performance. Whether you’re an environmentally-conscious homeowner or a business seeking to embrace LED technology, Envirolux offers a compelling range of products and competitive pricing to make the transition seamless.

From innovative retrofits for traditional incandescent bulbs to cutting-edge, contemporary fixtures, Envirolux promises to deliver the finest lighting solutions that are both stylish and energy-efficient.

Country and City: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Key Product: LED globe light, LED bulbs

Company Image:


Product Image:

CT4FrostedLens e37cb1781d


Envirolux, a renowned LED lighting brand, has been pioneering top-tier products for years. Their unwavering dedication to energy efficiency and eco-friendly solutions makes them an ideal choice for anyone aiming to slash electricity bills while contributing to a greener world.

Whether you’re an environmentally-minded homeowner or a business seeking to embrace LED technology, Envirolux offers an array of products and competitive pricing to ensure a smooth transition.


As the years progress, LED lights continue to gain momentum in popularity. This surge is largely attributed to the advancements in technology, which have significantly enhanced the quality of LED lights while also driving down costs. This is an exciting trend for consumers, as it ensures they have access to superior products at more affordable prices.

If you’re planning to upgrade to LED lighting, we recommend exploring our comprehensive top 10 list. We’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed the leading brands to make your selection process simpler. Should you require guidance in selecting the ideal LED lights for your home, business, or retail space, feel free to reach out to SUNME. We’re here to provide you with expert advice and assistance.